// tAI // Tragic Realist Fiction – A Road of One’s Own

The art collective Tragic Realist Fiction presented a new short film and music featuring Margo Bulgakov and Sarah de Graeve.

The show presented also peripheral artwork by Elian.Smit23

” … Tragic Realist Fiction takes the road again. Wandering places is a lifestyle. Wandering places is life. All along faint and quiet roads. The seduction of a place. You belong to where you go and leave again. And there is always something in between. You see a light in the distance. It comes closer. You talk to landscapes. They answer. You remember others, or not. You cross crossroads. You leave and move on, with the possibility to come back. … “

See https://www.theartsinstitute.org/happenings/tragic-realist-fiction-a-road-of-ones-own/ and https://www.tragicrealistfiction.com/film/a-road-of-ones-own/

Tragic Realist Fiction is
Margo Bulgakov
Sarah De Graeve
Gaston Meskens

// tAI // Kris Gevers & Gaston Meskens – ‘The New Cult of Sex and Anarchy’


expo space café Rood-Wit
Generaal Drubbelstraat 42, 2600 Antwerpen

opening Friday 06.08.21 6pm

on view 07.08 – 22.08
weekends 07&08.08 / 14&15.08 / 21&22.08 > 1 – 11pm
weekdays > by appointment > contact brenda.lush@theartsinstitute.org


See an introductory text here


// tAI // Tragic Realist Fiction – ‘Cabarets Diaboliques’

The art collective Tragic Realist Fiction takes the road. In its films, videos and music, it pulls 19th century Decadent Romanticism through the swamp of modernity into our present times. Expect no dry philosophy. The world simply needs more she-devils.

Tragic Realist Fiction is
Margo Bulgakov
Elian Smit23
Sarah de Graeve
Gaston Meskens

Cabarets Diaboliques was a film & music video programme in an installation of artefacts that opened on 25 June 2021 and was on view on 26 & 27 June 2021 at The AnteRoom of The Arts Institute (as part of the BORGER Art Nocturnes).

Check it all out here


Margo Bulgakov
Elian Smit23
Sarah de Graeve

// tAI // Marion & Rosaly Games – ‘The Better Delusion of Oneself – Prologue (“The Blood Prints”)‘

The Arts Institute is currently researching a show under the title “The Better Delusion of Oneself”. Materialised as an installation of artefacts, texts and a film, the show will inquire into (and beyond) conformist and strategic interpretations of ‘the obscene’ in contemporary culture.

The show “The Better Delusion of Oneself” will be build up around a series of ‘Blood Prints’ that resulted from the performance of the artist duo Marion & Rosaly Games on 6 October 2020. Given that the Blood Prints are extremely fragile and need to be protected from light, humidity and heat, only facsimiles in various forms will figure in the future show and in additional presentations afterwards.

However, taking advantage of the winter cold and the fact that visitors were wearing masks during the January 2021 edition of BORGER (an edition still streamlined by the Covid-19 virus control measures), the Arts Institute decided to display the original prints under secure conditions for one evening only.

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// tA // The New Humanism Project – Contribution to Centerpoint Now, the publication of the World Council of Peoples for the United Nations

Centerpoint Now is a publication of the World Council of Peoples for the United Nations (WCPUN). The new issue, entitled ‘Are We There Yet?’, is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the United Nations with articles on older and new challenges for global governance (the last obviously including the virus pandemic).

The researchers of the New Humanism Project contributed with a text “Building Ethical Competence for Human Health”, focusing on capacity building for health governance. Check it out here.

// tA // The New Humanism Project – contribution to Bio#Futures (Springer, 2021)

The researchers of the New Humanism Project contributed a chapter to the book “Bio#Futures – Foreseeing and Exploring the Bioeconomy” published by Springer. While other contributions explore sustainable development methodologies and practical applications, we were invited to provide an ethical-philosophical framework applicable to the bioeconomy.

Info on the publication can be found here.

// tAI // Tragic Realist Fiction – ‘So Here We Are’ (film works)

Over the past years, the Tragic Realist Fiction sound & vision collective created and produced 6 arthouse films, all in the context of shows that were on view in the AnteRoom, the art gallery of the Arts Institute.

The show screened and documented the films, and showed an installation of selected artworks that were produced as part of the preparation process of the films.

The Tragic Realist Fiction collective for these films was

Sarah de Graeve, Juliane Borths & Gaston Meskens


Hadewych Cocquyt, Mauro Pawlowski, Sam Geuens, CJ Bolland, Gert Larivière, Davinder Valeri, Shamina de Gonzaga, Marko Kovac, Alejandro Margetic, Torri Nickmans & Aya De Coster.

Check it all out here

Film stills

// tAI // Work by the idle-city-else Labs and Tragic Realist Fiction at BAD, the Belgian Art and Design Fair, Ghent, Belgium

Figuring amongst work of a number of cool artists, 4 works produced by the idle-city-else labs (acryl and ink print on MDF) from the ‘Autopsy’ Series are on view (and for sale) at the show ’16 Painters’, curated by Mathias Swings for BAD, the Belgian Art and Design Fair, 10-13 October 2019 in Ghent. In addition, the film ‘The Archive of Opportunities’ by Tragic Realist Fiction is part of the film and video programme.

check the website of the BAD fair: https://belgiumartdesign.be/en/


DUO_II_The_Citizen_(Autopsy Series)
DUO_II_The_Worker_(Autopsy Series)

DUO_IV_The_Citizen_(Autopsy Series)
DUO_IV_The_Worker_(Autopsy Series)


See the film The Archive of Opportunities here and check more films by Tragic Realist Fiction at https://vimeo.com/tragicrealistfiction