M E T A S P E C T is the online journal of the Institute of Idle Curiosity for Elements of Seduction (see the about page of the institute on this site).

The journal announces public oriented activities of the departments of the Institute in chronological order. Please note that, except for occasional published texts, this site does not contain content related to these activities. This is to be found on the web environments of the different departments.

Highlighted activities are presented at the rigth side and clicking the image provides direct access to the subject web environment.

Posts are identified in the title with the sign that refers to the departments of the institute. These are:

// M // M E T A S P E C T

// tAI // The Arts Institute

// tPR // The Passage Room

// tHH // The Happening Hotel

// tAA // the Art Archives

// tMT // The Mono Theatre

// tPhC // The PhɅAct Collective

// N&D // the journal Norms and Dialectics of The PhɅAct Collective

// TRF // the sound&vision lab Tragic Realist Fiction

// ICE1 // the idle-city-else visual art lab 1

// ICE2 // the idle-city-else visual art lab 2

// tA // the working environment of The Academia

// LWT // the LifeWorldTheories writings lab

// BO // the back office of the Institute