// tAI // Tragic Realist Fiction – ‘So Here We Are’ (film works)

Over the past years, the Tragic Realist Fiction sound & vision collective created and produced 6 arthouse films, all in the context of shows that were on view in the AnteRoom, the art gallery of the Arts Institute.

The show screened and documented the films, and showed an installation of selected artworks that were produced as part of the preparation process of the films.

The Tragic Realist Fiction collective for these films was

Sarah de Graeve, Juliane Borths & Gaston Meskens


Hadewych Cocquyt, Mauro Pawlowski, Sam Geuens, CJ Bolland, Gert Larivière, Davinder Valeri, Shamina de Gonzaga, Marko Kovac, Alejandro Margetic, Torri Nickmans & Aya De Coster.

Check it all out here

Film stills

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