// tAI // Tragic Realist Fiction – A Road of One’s Own

The art collective Tragic Realist Fiction presented a new short film and music featuring Margo Bulgakov and Sarah de Graeve.

The show presented also peripheral artwork by Elian.Smit23

” … Tragic Realist Fiction takes the road again. Wandering places is a lifestyle. Wandering places is life. All along faint and quiet roads. The seduction of a place. You belong to where you go and leave again. And there is always something in between. You see a light in the distance. It comes closer. You talk to landscapes. They answer. You remember others, or not. You cross crossroads. You leave and move on, with the possibility to come back. … “

See https://www.theartsinstitute.org/happenings/tragic-realist-fiction-a-road-of-ones-own/ and https://www.tragicrealistfiction.com/film/a-road-of-ones-own/

Tragic Realist Fiction is
Margo Bulgakov
Sarah De Graeve
Gaston Meskens

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