// tPhC // Contribution to the workshop “Evolution, Consciousness and Altruism”, The New York Society for Ethical Culture, New York


On 12 April 2016, the New York Society for Ethical Culture organised the workshop “Evolution, Consciousness and Altruism: Steering Toward the Omega Point” in New York City with the aim to reflect on the meaning of altruism from a scientific, ethical and spiritual perspective. The workshop centered around the book Does Altruism Exist?  Culture, Genes and the Welfare of Others (Dr. David Sloan Wilson, The Yale/ Templeton Series on the Foundational Questions of Science)” and was introduced by the author. I was invited to make a contribution to the workshop based on my research on ethics and global governance.

See the long version of the text of my contribution: an-ethics-of-care-for-our-modern-co-existence-gaston-meskens-contribution-to-the-altruism-roundtable


See more background info at https://evolution-institute.org/article/steering-toward-the-omega-point-a-roundtable-discussion-of-altruism-evolution-and-spirituality/

See the video of the first panel here (my contribution runs from 12:05 until 17:45)



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