On 15 November 2015, we organised the PERPLEXION event in Tokyo, with contributions from Japanese video artists and the screening of (and live music performance with) our film “A Journey into the Land of the 4th Dimension”.

15 November 2015, 14h30 – 17h30, SAKAIKI (綜合藝術茶房 喫茶茶会記), 2-4 Daikyōchō, Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyo

venue website: gekkasha.modalbeats.com

event flyer: flyer PERPLEXION




Black and Japanese Red 「黒と朱」
(2014, 10 min)

Koichi Watanabe

Cast – Motoko Hirayama / Concept and Planning – Koichi Watanabe / Director – KOMEI

(2014, 15 min)

Satoshi Furuya + Makoto Kubota

Cast – Keisuke Oka, Akane Saito / Music – Kinako / Visuals – Satoshi Furuya & Makoto Kubota

Live music performance with the film screening by Kinako

objet a
(2010, 3 min 52)

Wataru Iwata

A Journey into the Land of the 4th Dimension
(2013, 55 min)

Gaston Meskens

A film byTRAGIC REALIST FICTION, featuring MELVIN SHAKUN (Gaston Meskens), MARY H. ACKER (Sarah de Graeve) and JAMES DYER (Mauro Pawlowski), inspired on the book “A Journey into the Land of the Fourth Dimension” by Gaston de Pawlowski.

Music – Mauro Pawlowski & Gaston Meskens / Visuals – Gaston Meskens

Live music performance with the film screening by Wataru Iwata (piano) and Gaston Meskens (guitars, sequencers)

Photos by Cécile Brice

« l’imbuvable source », « Transhumance », « La lune dans le caniveau », « âme en fuite», « l’échappée du temps », « séparé »

Photomontages realised after a series of interviews with Fukushima citizens housed in temporary residencies in the aftermath of the nuclear accident



live music with the film A Journey into the Land of the 4th Dimension, Wataru Iwata (piano), Gaston Meskens, synth, guitar



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