// tPhC // Intervention – The Ethics of Radiological Risk Governance – the Justice of Justification as a Central Concern, ICRP2015 Seoul

Lecture given at the 2015 Global conference of the International Commission on Radiological Protection.


Due to the specific character of the radiological risk, judgements on whether or not the use of nuclear technology would be justified in society have to take into account knowledge-related uncertainties and value pluralism. The justice of justification thus not only informs the right of the potentially affected to participate in decision making, it also implies the responsibility of concerned actors to give account of the way they rationalise their interests and beliefs in knowledge generation and decision making. From this perspective, the presentation argues that there is a need for a ‘performative’ understanding of ethics in order to give ethical values or virtues a practical meaning in a socio-political context. Consequently, it proposes the concepts of ‘reflexivity as an ethical experience’ and ‘intellectual solidarity as an ethical commitment’ and elaborates on the way they could inform the methods of justification and optimisation and the ratio of dose limitation in radiological risk governance.

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