// tPhC // Keynote speech at the Rijksakademie Amsterdam – Opening of the Residency 2015

We were invited to do the keynote speech on the occasion of the opening of the Residency 2015 at the Rijksakademie Amsterdam.

The Consolatory Practice of Leaving – On reflexivity as art activism ‘in the age of populism, positivism and profitism’

See the notes of the speech here: Gaston_Meskens_Rijksakademie_Opening Residency 2015

[…] The artist knows no comfort zones. Art is engaging in the consolatory practice of leaving the own comfort zone. Activist art can show politics, the market, science, religion, citizens and activists why and how they would need to leave their own comfort zones. That practice is critical-ethical, but, at the same time, consolatory aesthetical. […]

More of the Rijksakademie at http://www.rijksakademie.nl/home


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