// tPhC // Lecture ‘The Trouble with Justification’ – Buenos Aires

NRA Seminar


Invited Lecture – The Trouble with Justification – Getting Straight on the Science and Politics of Nuclear Energy

done at the Seminar “Nuclear Policy in Argentina and the World”, Buenos Aires, 25 April 2013

The way nuclear energy technology ‘escapes’ a deliberate justification approach as an energy technology on a transnational level is today in sharp contrast with the way fossil fuel energy technologies are subject of global negotiations driven by the doom of climate change. The claim put forward in this lecture is that this ‘denial’ is a symptom of a contemporary settled ‘comfort of polarisation’ around the use of nuclear energy technology that is deeply rooted in the organisational structures of politics, science and informed civil society. The lecture argues for the need to develop a new rationale that aims to seek societal trust ‘by method instead of proof’, taking into account that the outcome of such a justification process might as well be an acceptance or a rejection of the technology. It sketches what this ‘deliberate-political’ approach would be in theory and practice, briefly hits at two contemporary myths that would relativize the need for this approach and concludes with a ‘pragmatic’ list of elements of an advanced framework for deliberation on nuclear energy technology and on energy in general.


See more about the Seminar here.


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